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How to create a speaker one sheet

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November 2008 Posts


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Creating your first marketing tool as a speaker: The One Sheet

Tuesday, November 18th 2008 @ 5:51 PM    post viewed 10103 times

What is a speaker one sheet?

A speaker one sheet is a snapshot of your expertise, services, clients, testimonials and background. It's called a one sheet because it fits on one sheet of paper, front and back.

This is much easier to create than a website and a great first marketing tool for a speaker. I will share the important components of a speaker one sheet.

What are the components of a speaker one sheet?

  • Action Shots of YOU
  • Testimonials with clear results
  • A short list of clients
  • A snapshot of your experience, education, & expertise
  • A short list of topics you offer
  • Your Contact Information
  • A clear marketing message filled with benefits

Now, I will break down the components:

Action Shots of YOU: Pictures that show your personality. It's worth it to invest in an inexpensive photo shoot. Pictures with the background on it are not as professional as action shots.

Testimonials: Ask your clients to write two or three sentences about the problem experienced before your presentation, consulting, product or service and the results experienced during and afterwards.

A list of your Clients: A List of clients you have spoken for in the past. In addition add the website, name, title of the clients that have agreed to vouch for you.

A snapshot of your background: should explain problems you solve, why you are the right person, how you deliver the benefits described in your marketing message.

A list of topics you offer: Provide at least four of your customized topics, add pizzazz to the topic by using the headline generator tool and list at least four takeaways per topic.

Contact Information: Include your name, what you're known as (the marketing queen, etc.), designations after your name, address (I recommend using a street address and not P.O.Box, buy one from UPS if needed); City, State, Zipcode, website (try not to include more than two), phone number, fax number, email address; A call to action, Feel free to give me a call and I will take your group on a destination leading to change...

A clear marketing message includes: Headline that gets attention: In a few words tell me what I will get out of your presentation. I recommend using the Headline generator to help you create attention getting headlines that communicate a taste of YOU! It's critical to add at least five benefits of your services. Include instant benefits and long term benefits.

Who should the one sheet be directed to?

It should be directed to meeting planners, training directors, event planners, any one that hires speakers. Keep all the above audiences in mind as you create your one sheet.

Remember to Brand Yourself: Visual Branding includes your color, logo, tagline, images, fonts; Also include logos of associations or organizations you belong to. 

A few more tips:

  • If you have a website, add your one sheet as a downloadable document
  • Print out copies for networking events (remember front & back and in color)
  • Play off a theme, it makes you more memorable
  • Do not use "I" language, speak from your clients perspective
  • Your one sheet should be consistent with your website and any other marketing materials you release



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