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We are delighted to have you visit! This is the place if you're seeking to learn how speaking can grow your business. Our mission is to educate individuals on creating a profitable business with speaking as the foundation. Do you love to speak as a business? Join the National Center for Speaker Training and learn everything you need to know!


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The SIX Biggest Mistakes that Cost You Income in 2014 (Marquesa)
posted Wed December 17th 2014 @ 1:28 PM

1. Focusing and spending time on non-income generating activities: it’s so easy to take action on what we love to do, the problem is, if it’s just busy work and not directly generating income, It’s costing you! I know you are wondering, what I consider income generating activities. Here are few examples: (1) Sales calls (2) Product creation (3) Implementing marketing strategies and tracking your results (4) Masterminding with your coach or colleagues about strategies, plus so much more. (5) Serving your clients. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of activities that we must do in our business that may not directly generate income, however it’s important to know when to implement these activities and if you should do them versus delegating. ACTION: Before the year ends take a look at your average day to day business activities and ask yourself if the results led to income. If not, shift for the new year, time is everything. Read More »

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contains video content Ready for your Business Reinvention (AdminSupport)
posted Thu April 25th @ 4:19 PM

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"I've been a member of the National Center for Speaker Training as a SpeakerBlueprint Member for nearly 3 years and my results include new products espcially my recently published book, consistent speaking engagements and impressive marketing materials and campaigns, plus so much more."  Jef Williams, www.jefwilliams.com

"My speaking career got kicked off with the leadership and coaching of Marquesa Pettway, the founder of The National Center for Speaker Training. I learned so much, from positioning myself as a speaker to product creation.  And now, I'm a best selling author, booked speaker and twitter powerhouse."

Melinda Emerson, www.melindaemerson.com

"I purchased the RoadMap to Professional Speaking and this program helped me identify my niche, this was big for me and now I'm off and running as speaker."

Aurelia Mitchell Durant, Esquire
Attorney*Speaker*Author*Inter-Generational Diversity Expert


hbijT-nia.jpg "I've been coaching with Marquesa for about five months now and she's helping me create a speaker product based on my upcoming book, she's so knowledgeable and I understand her, thanks Marquesa.." Nia Peeples, Actress, Personal Development Expert

ECGDX-ElizabethCrutchfieldsmallspeakers.jpg "I'm in my third program with Marquesa and I love her, she has vast knowledge in so many areas, motivates me to stay on task and seems to know everything...after being in business for more than 25 years it's refreshing to get coached by someone that gets me and continues to surprise me.."

Elizabeth Crutchfield, Personal Fitness Expert, New York, NY

CSx29-KimColes.jpg "Robert Ferguson, the Food Lovers Program Creator, told me about Marquesa and I called her...I'm already impressed and looking forward to adding Speaker to my resume..." Kim Coles, Actress, Comedianne, Game Show Host

S0ic6-Allisonphoto2.jpg "I get to live my dream every day as a photojournalist that travels the world, I needed a way to share my experiences from the platform and Marquesa showed me how...I highly recommend her".

Alison Wright, Photojournalist, Author

Gary WalshThe Reinvented Fan

Marquesa's reinvention series is a "must do" for any person that is looking to redefine their best opportunities in ANY area of their lives. My expectations were greatly surpassed because this series didnt just help me grow and want more professionally but also personally. Marquesa has a unique gift of communicating so that no matter what your level of expertice or success, you will still understand everything and come away with a feeling as if you never wanted it to end.

Thank you Marquesa!

Gary Walsh Jr.

Engagement Strategist

The Zeal Group, Inc.

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